The Earth’s ozone layer continues to diminish despite the number of agreements and causes being done to protect it. China, it turns out, is the culprit. Reports said that the country remains to use CFC-11 in spite of its global ban.

CFC-11 is known to have grave effects on the Earth’s ozone layer. After the establishment of the Montreal Protocol, there is a global sanction to eliminate the application and usage of destructive chemicals, one of it being CFC 11. 

Initial findings

Just last year, an in-depth investigation done by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) proved that the world’s most populous nation is behind the resurgence of the spread of these destructive substances. They found out that CFC-11 is being used by manufacturing industries for polyurethane insulation. 

Based on a statement made by one of the chemical distributors they interviewed, about 70% of China’s manufacturing industry is using illegal compounds, particularly CFC-11. The chemical is an inexpensive alternative to use and performs better than other substitutes. Although China is not the only nation that still actively use the said chemical, they have been proven to be the major producer of its byproducts to the atmosphere. 

The adverse effects on nature and China’s actions on the ozone crisis

The CFC-11 is a type of chlorofluorocarbon categorized as one of the most concentrated greenhouse gases. One ton of this compound destroys the atmosphere in as much as 5,000 tons of CO2 does. To completely curb the detrimental impact of CFC class compounds, not only China but the whole world must put a stop on the use of these toxic gases.

Amidst this shocking revelation, China has been reportedly taking actions to penalize those who continue to use harmful chemicals. Chinese Authorities are now starting to hunt and close down facilities that use banned chemicals. In November 2018, several violators were put behind bars in Henan for possessing 30 tons of CFC-11.