Your car tires are the parts experiencing the most wear. They are also the most prone to damage as you go by driving every day. Not to mention they accumulate a lot of dirt, grime, and mud, making them hard to clean.

If you are the type who just gets a carwash every so often to get your tires cleaned, then that’s fine. But for most of the car owners out there, the expenses allocated for carwash services is just too much. If you find it expensive to have a carwash, maybe cleaning your own tires is the option you go to.

Here, we are going to show how to clean those precious wheels at a fraction of the cost of a carwash fee with just your regular household cleaning items. So strap on and keep reading.

Cleaning Your Tires:

  1. Use your garden hose to hose down the lump of dirt, mud and other grits that have accumulated on the ridges of your tires. It’s so much easier than scrubbing and pouring water using a pale and bucket because of the water pressure which you can adjust.
  2. Add a teaspoon dishwashing concentrate on a bucket filled with a gallon of hot water.
  3. Apply the solution on all the freshly hosed tires and leave for a couple of minutes
  4. Meanwhile, scrub the tire rim using a piece of cloth or rag. Keep scrubbing until the metal surface is free of all visible dirt and specks. Do not use abrasive materials for cleaning as it could leave scratches on the metal surface of the rim.
  5. For hard to reach areas of the rim, you can use materials such as an old toothbrush or small brushes with soft bristles. Avoid using brushes with steel bristles as they may pierce the tires, leading to air leaks.
  6. After brushing off all the dirt and grits on both the rim and the tire, rinse the wheels with clean water starting from the top. Make sure that you remove all soap residue.
  7. Run down a hose on all tires as a final wash.
  8. Get a clean and dry towel to pat the wheels dry.

After cleaning, we suggest that you use a protecting film to spray on your tires. A tire dressing if a perfect example of that. This product prevents the rubber from turning brown. A tire dressing also makes the surface of the tire look new and sharp because it fills up every minuscule pore present throughout the tire’s surface. For best result, apply two layers of spray film. Afterward, your tire will seem like brand new and unused again.