The French police have released Michel Platini after he faced interrogation over Qatar’s winning bid for the 2022 World Cup.

The former French football player and UEFA president was taken into custody for interrogation but has not been charged for any crime and has no outstanding arrest warrant.

He was brought by French anti-corruption investigators to Nanterre, a town in Paris, on June 19 for probe on the said questionable win of Qatar in the bid for hosting the 2022 World Cup.

Platini said questions thrown at him during the investigation centred on the anomalies of previous World Cups. He was allowed to leave the Nanterre police station later that night.

In 2015, he was barred from joining any UEFA activities for four years due to ethical breaches.

During the last two years, investigators have been probing the suspected corruption beleaguering the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. Sepp Blatter, FIFA former president, was also questioned in 2017 but denied all allegations. He is now serving a six-year ban from the sports.

A statement from Platini’s lawyers reiterates that their client was not charged with any crime.  He was banned for allegedly accepting £1.3M from FIFA, but had denied all allegations from the onset of the investigations.

FIFA declined to comment on Platini’s questioning.

Qatar’s bid team was cleared of corruption accusations after a two-year probe by FIFA. However, Greg Dyke, former chairman of the Football Association, believes that Qatar’s winning bid involves irregularities.

The Middle Eastern country’s capability to host the World Cup has been a point of contention since they won the bid. Among the top concerns was the country’s temperature, which has led FIFA to hold the World Cup during winter, a first in history.

The country’s ban on homosexuals as well as the safety of those working in the preparation of the stadium has placed Qatar’s human rights record in the limelight.   

Dyke believes that allegations surrounding the 2022 World Cup still need to be addressed.