No matter how advanced our technology may be, it seems humans are still required for it to run smoothly. A report proved this fact by sharing that technology companies do hire people to listen to audios and recordings and do other interventions for their widely used applications.

Privacy Policy

Most of these companies have a vague description of humans or human interference in their privacy policies. The often-used applications, just like Alexa, Siri, Facebook, Google Assistant, are not 100% automated. In a report, it revealed that people still work to listen to clips and recordings from these applications.

Real Deal

From these reports, we can now note that automated systems and voice automated systems are not automated in all sense. Amazon, the manufacturer of Alexa, was disclosed to have been having people to listen to clips collected by Alexa. Another report revealed that Apple and Google were doing the same thing for Siri and Google Assistant, respectively. According to a report, Facebook lets people review Messenger recordings, also. Expensify, an expense-logging application that can scan receipts, also shared appointing someone to look at receipts to verify information.

Added Clause 

We can conclude then, that without human interventions, these applications will fail. But with these interventions aren’t these companies invading user’s privacy. Well, yes, but if human beings intervene only to check if their applications are working correctly, then maybe it is acceptable.

Technology companies often make recordings to review if their apps are working correctly or still needs improvement. This reason is agreeable because we know applications are still not perfect and requires continuous improvement, so humans are still necessary to carry the work. But what we expect from the companies is to include in their privacy policies that humans still have a part in running the application.

Companies are reluctant to do such because they would be acknowledging that their inventions are flawed and inefficient.

The consumers will surely understand the reason behind why do they still hire humans, but companies should realize that the public is the one who will patronize their product. If they are not truthful, then consumers cannot give their trust to their products, either.