A man who was severely injured after falling into a volcano was saved by his wife. The couple was on honeymoon.

Newlywed couple Clay and Acaimie Chastain were hiking on Saint Kitts in the Caribbean Islands when the husband fell into an inactive volcano. The wife climbed down to drag him out.

After Mrs. Chastain successfully dragged his husband out of the volcano, they hiked for 3.2 km to get to the mountain’s base. The husband, suffering pain and continuously vomiting, had to lean on his wife throughout the hike back to the base. He was flown to a Florida hospital where he was treated for a skull fracture.

In an interview, Mr. Chastain told reporters that his wife being able to carry him down the volcano when he can barely stand up was a total wonder. She was 157cm tall and weighed 47kg.

The accident happened on July 18, just a few days after they got married in Crawfordsville, Indiana where they live.

After getting to Mt Liamuiga’s summit, Mr. Chastain climbed down the volcano to get a better sight of the lush foliage. 

Mrs. Chastain, who has a fear of heights, decided to stay at the top after seeing that the terrain was straight down. She then heard a loud snap followed by the sound of what seemed like a huge rock rolling down a hill.

When she heard her husband’s cry for help, Mrs. Chastain rushed down, found his phone and bandana before spotting him lying bloodied on the ground.

Upon realizing that there were no signs of help and that their mobile phones have lost service, they resolved to hike back to the mountain base. The journey took them three hours.

A fundraiser for Mr. Chastain raised over $30,000, which allowed him to get on a chartered medical flight to Florida.

According to doctors who examined Mr. Chastain, fluid from his cerebral spine is leaking through his nose.  He is also suffering from fractured skull and vertebrae but thankfully did not break any bones.