As people say it, the only sure thing that will happen in the future is change. We are good at adapting to change so expect plenty of things to happen. Art, for one, has changed in the past years and is expected to continue so in the next 20 years. Artists have a bright future ahead of them. How do you think that the current style will look like to adapt to change?

More Fluid Art Scene

There was a time when art was only for men and that has greatly changed in the last century. In the next 20 years, art will likely be more inclusive of women and minorities such as black and LGBT artists. There will be no limit to what people can consider art as opposed to now where we have the traditionally labeled art pieces. It can be presented in more advanced ways and artists are expected to lead, not just create.

Paintings Will Remain At the Top Spot

Paintings aren’t likely to be dead, unlike what Paul Delaroche expected. New art trends and medium may have worked their way through the scene, but paintings will remain to be the most sought after in terms of price and demand. We can expect more paintings made by women because the current popular titles are all dominated by white men.

Effect of Climate Change on Art

The current trouble with climate change will definitely affect the future of art. People can expect more advancements involved in making art pieces. Humans are expected to express through art their feelings towards what we may lose in the future because of extreme weather conditions and climate change. Possibilities of living in the outer space and ultra-advanced artificial intelligence will serve as inspirations for future art forms.  

Due to the highly likely degradation of the living condition in Earth, artists will start to create art depicting doomsday. At the right extreme climate conditions is changing the landscapes, a barren earth is not an impossibility to think about. And those kinds of scenarios will be the major concepts for future art.

Expect The Unexpected

There is no limit to where art can be taken by humans. The only limit is their imagination. Given these points mentioned above, everyone should be ready to anticipate the unexpected. Art may not look like traditional art anymore, but it will still be considered art.