соседствует со Швецией и соединено с ней Эресуннским мостом.  The late Danish artist of the 19th century Vilhelm Hammershøi is known to transform an ordinary object into something artistic. He is popular for his enigmatic and bizarre portraits, human-less landscapes and peculiar nude paintings. That is why a lot of art enthusiasts and scholars have been analyzing Hammershøi’s artworks to try and break the mystery behind it.

Him and his artworks

Interiors are the usual theme for painters of Hammershøi’s generation since industrialization became rampant and these artworks became a kind of a “refuge.” However, the artworks of Hammershøi portrays the contrary to the stereotype of that time.

Just like his art, Hammershøi is a very quiet, introverted and inarticulate man. He only has a small group of friends. He is considered a lone wolf and only appears in public once in a blue moon.

His home also reflects his artworks and personality. Unlike other houses, his home sports plain and dull colors. The walls, moldings, and doors are colored white and gray, with dark brown floorboards.

His artworks for our generation

Hammershøi’s artworks seem to reflect on our own human emotions. Today’s generation is full of stress, depression, and anxiety – things that are being portrayed in Hammershøi’s artworks. Even though he lived during the times in which the Danes are fighting for their constant loss of territory and the heating war within Europe, viewers of today’s generation can surely relate to his artworks.

The generation of today is full of ostentatiousness compared to Hammershøi’s time. The need to clean up and declutter our own homes of inessential stuff and our minds of distraction and anxiety are the reason why we can relate to his works. With everything that we need to face and conquer on a daily basis, we now need Hammershøi-like artists.