The Internet has been a go-to place of students, teachers, and professionals to do their reports, write-ups, and presentations. One application, called the Google Docs, has been very useful in creating, storing, and sharing documents. To maximize the benefits Google Docs can offer, know this easy and applicable ways to use its tools.

Word Count

Checking how many words you have already written is so simple. You need to go to Visit Tools then choose Word Count. The quantity of characters, words, paragraphs, and pages you have used will appear. How about when you only want to shorten or lengthen a particular part of your document? You still can by just highlighting the portion where you will do some revisions then pick Word Count once more.

Text Characters

Remember the time when it is so difficult to put on superscript or subscript to your document because you still need to scroll down the symbols list to find the correct one. Well, now you can save time by doing this action – highlight the text, click Format > Text. You can now choose from comprehensive options of text modification.

Font Style

Google Fonts catalog offers a vast choice of font styles. Choose the font menu and then click “More Fonts.” It will take you to a screen full of fonts and even more when you scroll down.

Dictate and Transcribe

The built-in dictation tool of Google makes it easier for you to do transcription. If you already have a Chrome browser and a headphone, then you’re ready to start. Remember to first set the default language by choosing File> Language. Click Tools then Voice Typing. Start talking and playing the File back and see the wonder of Google as it turns your audio into text.


Placing headers makes it easier to read through long documents. To create one, choose the Normal Text drop-down menu and select your desired size. Or you can make do of bold text as headers.


To keep you focused while doing a write-up or presentation, work offline. The Internet can make you distracted and occupied. Download first the Google Docs extension before getting disconnected. After installing, go to your desired document, then select File and click Make Available Offline.


Putting links in your documents is done by highlighting the text you want to link, press Ctrl-K, and type your web address. For several reports, copy and paste the web address of the document you wish to connect.


Google Docs allows you to make a dictionary by going to Visit Tools > Spelling and Grammar then choose Personal Dictionary.


Google Docs has a history feature and to access this go to File > Version History. You can select “bookmark” to save a copy of the existing version or retrieve the past version of your document.